Strategy for UPSC Preparation

Posted: February 20, 2013 in CIVIL SERVICE

Way 2 Success

Guidelines for self-study

One needs to keep in mind the basic fact that if the goal is to reach the highest level of achievement, then one must have not only ample patience for details, but should be able to keep the big picture regarding any theme in one’s mind at the time of study. Thus the preparation strategy is to follow a mix of both micro and macro level approaches. The first step in this direction is the understanding of the syllabus. One must look at the syllabus closely and in detail. After that, one should analyze the past years’ question papers that indicate the important areas, as well as, the real scope of the syllabus. Then comes the next step of apportioning of time depending on the importance and length of each area.


Prepare a time schedule which helps you cover the syllabus and keep you on track…

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