How to lay down your preparation for civil services right after higher secondary!

Posted: February 20, 2013 in CIVIL SERVICE

Way 2 Success

1) Encourage  and motivate yourself to devote time reading 1 newspaper (The Hindu) and 1 journal (Frontline/Pratiyogita Darpan) regularly and analytically. You can make a regular habit of writing at least one page on current and contemporary events, issues and affairs every day, of what you observe from newspapers/news, magazine, etc. The events of National and International importance which effect human lives at large are important from General Studies point of view.

2) The basic guideline at the start of the preparations for both Preliminary and Main Examination is to read NCERT books on related subjects. There is no substitute for them. One should refrain in the beginning from reading guidebooks, as they load you with information, but with very little concept.

NCERT Books: Social Studies
• Civics: 6th – 10th standard
• Political Science: 11th and 12th standard
• Geography: 6th – 12th standard
• Sociology: 11th and 12th…

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