‘Ajmal Kasab, Afzal Guru hanging will revive jihad in Kashmir’

Posted: February 23, 2013 in Current affairs

ISLAMABAD: Within weeks of US-led Nato announcing its withdrawal plans from Afghanistan by 2014, the Punjabi Taliban, which works under Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan, vowed that the next battlefield for all ‘mujahideen’ will be Indian Kashmir. 

In a two-page letter to TOI, the Punjabi Taliban’s head, Maulana Asmatullah Muawiya, said that the hanging of Ajmal Kasab and Afzal Guru has intensified passion for jihad among Muslim youth and India will have to pay the price for this “unwise” decision. 

Muawiya was once a Jaish-e-Mohammad warlord and known for his activities inside Kashmir. Following the Lal Masjid operation in 2007, Muawiya and hundreds of his fighters went to tribal areas and formed the anti-establishment Punjabi Taliban under TTP’s watch. Punjabi Taliban is present in all Pakistani provinces besides the northern areas and POK. Muawiya, once the blue-eyed boy of Pakistani intelligence, also said RAW and ISI are two sides of the same coin. 

“The execution of Kasab and Afzal has aroused a new passion and spirit for jihad among the youth of this region. It is clear that angry mujahideen, after the withdrawal of foreign forces from Afghanistan, will search for a new battlefield. Surely their ultimate choice would be Kashmir,” said Muawiya. 

In the letter, the Maulana has asked the jihadis to stay away from intelligence agencies. “These people use mujahideen for their vested interests, the way they used Ajmal Kasab like a tissue paper.” 

“When it comes to jihad, the mujahideen should distance themselves from intelligence agencies; the instance of Kasab is enough to make the situation clear. Without doubt Kasab was a holy warrior; his killers are the enemies of Allah; he was from us and he was a Pakistani; he was our pride,” the letter said. 

“Allah will disgrace those who have disowned this brave mujahid… Our thanks to the brave Taliban of tribal areas who asked the (Indian) government to hand over the body of Kasab and warned to take his revenge.” 

The Taliban said that the UN is run by ‘infidels’; the real people who can liberate Muslims are men likes Kasab. “They hit Mumbai like lightening but unfortunately the government of Pakistan disowned such martyrs. 

“Such attitude of the government badly affected jihad in Kashmir. Otherwise, the nation that could produce Afzal Guru, Ajmal Kasab, Sajid Jihadi and Sajjad Afghani can never be subdued,” the Punjabi Taliban chief said. The executions were carried out due to pressure from rightwing parties over the ruling Congress party, he said. 

“The Indian government and establishment are being hijacked by Bajrang Dal, Shiv Sena and BJP; the ruling Congress is also under pressure; it was why in an unwise move Afzal and Kasab were executed,” he said. “This time the mujahideen will fight against Indian forces inside Kashmirbut will never seek any support from ISI,” the letter said.


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