Human Development Index

Posted: March 10, 2013 in Current affairs

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            The latest Human Development Index (HDI) 2011 prepared by the UNDP ranks India at 134 out of 187 countries and its HDI is shown as 0.547 which is an improvement of 5.39% (HDI was 0.519 in 2010 HDI part).

The health aspects are reflected in life expectancy at birth which is shown as 65.4 year in HDI 2011 against 64.4 year in HDI 2010.

High IMR and Under 5 MR are the major factors in lowering Life Expectancy at Birth. MMR also needs improvement. A target of 25/1000 for IMR and 1000/100,000 live births for MMR has been prescribed by the 12 Five Year plan document for the end of 2017. Some of the steps taken under NRHM for improving the situation are:

·        Regular ANC care at health facilities and home visits by ASHA

·        Personalized monitoring of pregnant women, the new born and the post partum…

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