Posted: March 13, 2013 in Current affairs

IAS Preparation Online

System of Rice Intensification (SRI) emerged in the 1980’s as a synthesis of locally advantageous rice production practices encountered in Madagascar by Fr Henri de Laulanie, a Jesuit Priest who had been working there since 1961. But, it is Dr. Norman Uphoff from Cornell International Institute for Food and Agriculture, Ithaca, USA, who had brought this method to the notice of outside world in the late 1990s. Today SRI is being adopted in many states in India and the response from farmers has been overwhelming seeing the benefits of the method, notwithstanding the constraints.

SRI is a combination of several practices those include changes in nursery management, time of transplanting, water and weed management. Its different way of cultivating rice crop though the fundamental practices remain more or less same like in the conventional method; it just emphasizes altering of certain agronomic practices of the conventional way of rice cultivation…

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