Latest News on UPSC Changes…..

Posted: March 21, 2013 in Current affairs

New Clauses:

  1. English Language Paper to carry more weightage, 100 marks. Earlier english paper was only qualifying in nature. Its marks were not added to the total. But now the CSE english paper marks will be added to prepare the merit list for Personality test and final interview.
  2. For candidates appearing with their local language, only if there are 25 or more candidates, one will be allowed to take exam in that regional language medium.Else one would be required to write the exam either in English or in Hindi.
  3. Removal of all qualifying regional languages as in 8th Schedule of the constitution.


  • 13.03.13 – DMK demands reconsideration on Regional Languages as these would further alienate rural students. This move of UPSC is being seen by DMK as trying to impose hindi over regional languages. The move will broaden the already existing gap between rural and urban students. Jayalalitha slams the move as retrogate saying this is obvious favouritism for Hindi over Tamil.
  • 14.03.13- Narendra Modi describes the change as language bias, write letter to PM Manmohan Singh to withdraw the changes.
  • 15.03.13- Lok Sabha adjourned during question hour over unfair treatment of Hindi and other Regional Languages over English. There was a march to well by RJD and SP members to register the protest. Even Shiv Sena said they would protest if Marathi is neglected.
  • 16.03.13 – Changes put on hold after a long furore and three adjournments in Lok Sabha over English Language weightage of 100 marks in the total of 1800 marks exam and removal of regional languages as medium of taking and answering the examination.

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