Reconstitution of Central Press Accreditation Committee.

Posted: April 7, 2013 in Current affairs

The Ministry of Information & Broadcasting has reconstituted the Central Press Accreditation Committee(CPAC). The CPAC functions as a body to approve applications for accreditation from the media, both Indian as well as foreign. The members of the committee are – Sh. Himanshu Chatterjee (Indian Federation of Working Journalists), Sh. B.M.Sharma (All India Small and Medium Newspapers Federation), Sh. Pramod Mathur (Working News Cameramen’s Association), Sh. Surinder Kapoor (News Cameramen’s Association), Ms. Coomi Kapoor (Editor’s Guild of India), Sh. Shazi Zaman(Indian Broadcasting Foundation), Sh. Swaraj Thapa (Press Association), Sh. Manoranjan Bharati (News Broadcasters Association), Sh. Supriya Prasad (Broadcast Editor’s Association), Smt. Mangipudi Aruna (Association of Small and Medium Newspapers of India), Sh. Thyagaraja (Indian Federation of Small and Medium Newspapers), Sh.Geetartha Pathak (Indian Journalists Union), Sh. Jagdish Yadav (Association of Accredited News Cameraman), Sh. Padmadhar Pati Tripathi (All India Journalists’ Welfare Association), Sh. Radhey Sham Sharma (All India Newspaper Editors’ Conference), Sh. Subhash Nigam (National Union of Journalists), Sh. Pankaj Vohra, Sh. Nirmal Pathak, Ms. Neerja Chaudhary, Ms. Pallavi Ghosh, Sh. Vinod Agnihotri, Sh. Diwakar, Sh. Varughese K. George, Sh. Sunil Gatade and Sh. Naveen Grewal (Nominated).


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